Vampires Paradox is a Gothic Metal / Gothic Rock project, founded in 2022, by JC Teller and Jesse Caylan (JC) in San Diego, California. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, JC and Jesse are the original members of Vampires Paradox and remains solely responsible for its direction. Vampires Paradox's music engages in a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound using Heavy guitar driven riffs and melodies. After recording a new album, JC and Jesse usually assembles a live band to perform with them. The touring band features a revolving lineup that often rearranges songs to fit a live setting. On stage, Vampires Paradox often employs visual elements to accompany performances. Underground music audiences warmly receives Vampires Paradox since the start of 2007. The band Vampires Paradox is redefining the Alternative term for a new twist in the Gothic Rock music scene. Vampires Paradox’s unique direction is created by combining new diverse musical elements and powerful rhythms, forming a landscape of dynamic and dramatic atmospheric textures. Adding to the mix is the outstanding expressive voice and the articulately unorthodox seven string guitar style of JC Teller. Vampires Paradox unleashes an intensity that is sonically alive and filled with interactive emotions. The Album, "Vampires Paradox", was released engaging full control over every artistic aspect of the project, JC made certain the work was everything his fans have been waiting for. Vampires Paradox contains the most transcendental tunes recorded, from the emphatically vengeful epic, "Living by a Spoken Word", to the dramatic, "Broken Promises", and the hypnotic "Everything Changes", which sparked an outstanding amount of irony and cinematic sound. JC Teller is one of the most innovative guitarist to hit the music scene, with an amazing ability to play totally different guitar parts simultaneously. Often playing complex harmonies, chords, arpeggios and sound effects along with his melodic solos, all with unorthodox accuracy making the powerful sound very full and surreal. One of the hardest working musicians in Hollywood and San Diego, JC's guitar work has been on many films, TV and radio commercials. JC is a self taught musician, who plays guitars, piano, drums, bass, and experiments with electronics as well. Always seeking out new challenges, JC is currently working on a new project. Album and videos will fallow soon. Keep checking for more info.

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